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Storage Library - Revision History

Revision history
Version 4.05 Jul 25, 2019
* Fix bug in setup that occur while install help files.
Version 4.03 Dec 22, 2018
+ Transform setup project to XE7.
Version 4.02 Dec 1, 2018
+ Corrections for Embarcadero RAD Studio XE10.3 support.
Version 3.90 Feb 10, 2016
* Fixes for reading boolean value from "-1","1","0".
Version 3.89 Jan 2, 2016
* Bug fixes in the "about" dialog.
Version 3.88 Sep 29, 2015
+ Corrections for Embarcadero RAD Studio XE10 support.
Version 3.87 May 9, 2015
+ Corrections for Embarcadero RAD Studio XE8 support.
Version 3.82 Oct 14, 2013
+ Corrections for Embarcadero RAD Studio XE5 support.
Version 3.81 Oct 08, 2013
* Some minor bug fixes while TrsUsualIniData works with TStrings.
Version 3.80 Oct 05, 2013
* Small bug was fixed in IsDigitValue function.
* TrsUsualIniData component start working with TPoint and TStrings.
Version 3.79 Aug 27, 2013
* RsStrToFloat function was added. Allows to be independ of DecimalSeparator value.
Version 3.78 May 22, 2013
+ The TrsUsualIniData component was added. It allows to use standard format for ini files.
+ The poEnumAsInteger option was added into TrsPropSaver.Options property. It allows save enumerators as integer value.
+ The TrsPropSaver.DefValues[PropertyName] property was added. It allows to get default property value.
Version 3.77 May 08, 2013
+ Corrections for Embarcadero RAD Studio XE4 support.
Version 3.76 Mar 27, 2013
* Bug fixes in TrsXmlData module while Range Check Error is ON.
Version 3.75 Oct 08, 2012
+ Corrections for Embarcadero RAD Studio XE3 support.
Version 3.74 Apr 13, 2012
+ Fixes in dsrAES.SwapU32 function for x64 support.
Version 3.73 Mar 23, 2012
+ procedure TrsStorage.SectionValues was added.
Version 3.72 Feb 08, 2012
* Bug fixed in TrsRegData.RecursionLoadKeyW while install in old Delphi's with unicode mode.
Version 3.71 Feb 04, 2012
* Bug fixed in TrsPropSaver "select properties" dialog. Bug cause "stack overflow" exception.
* Handle varShortInt, varWord, varLongWord values in TrsKeyWrapper.SetAsVariant method.
Version 3.70 Oct 13, 2011
+ Corrections for Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 support.
Version 3.69 Feb 17, 2011
+ Prefix 0x option was adeed into TrsXMLData object for binary data.
Version 3.68 Nov 06, 2010
+ Ability to write binary data file in the old format was added.
Version 3.67 Sep 06, 2010
+ Corrections for Embarcadero RAD Studio XE support.
Version 3.66 Aug 30, 2010
* Bug fixes in TrsStorage.WriteStrings method.
Version 3.65 Jul 24, 2010
* Bug fixes while using Encryptor.EncryptAll flag.
* Bug fixes in TrsBinData component.
+ Flag poNotRestoreMinimizedFormPlacement was added into TrsPropSaver.Options. Allows to disable restore minimized state for form.
Version 3.64 Feb 06, 2010
* Fixes in TrsEncryptor.DoDecryptKey
Version 3.63 Dec 19, 2009
Version 3.62 Sep 02, 2009
+ Corrections for RAD Studio 2010 support.
Version 3.61 Jan 09, 2009
* A bug was fixed in TrsRegData component.
Version 3.60 Dec 23, 2008
* A bug was fixed. While using own templates in TrsXMLData component.
Version 3.59 Dec 10, 2008
* A bug was fixed. It occur while open "select properties" dialog in the old versions of Delphi.
Version 3.58 Dec 03, 2008
* Bug fixes in TAESChipher class. Now version D2009 can correctly read encrypted data from previous versions of Delphi.
* Bug fixes in TrsBinData class.
Version 3.57 Oct 29, 2008
* Bug fixes in rsUtils.IsHexStrW function. Hext string can be without comma.
Version 3.56 Oct 25, 2008
+ Corrections for CodeGear RAD Studio 2009 support.
Version 3.54 Dec 26, 2007
+ Corrections for CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 support.
* CLX versions was removed from install package.
Version 3.53 Apr 22, 2007
+ Corrections for Delphi2007 support.
Version 3.52 Mar 12, 2007
* Speedup loading of "Select properties" dialog.
* Small bug fixes.
Version 3.50 Feb 02, 2006
+ Corrections for BDS2006 support.
Version 3.49 Dec 04, 2005
+ An FixedDateTimeFormat option was added for TrsIniData object.
Version 3.48 Oct 06, 2005
* Bug fixes in unicode version.
Version 3.47 May 20, 2005
* Some bug fixes in TrsXMLData.
+ Grouping by Properties in "Select properties" dialog was released.
Version 3.46 May 17, 2005
+ Method TrsStorage.SaveChanges was released.
Version 3.45 May 09, 2005
+ Option poNotRestoreCollectionItemsCount was added to TrsPropSaver.Options.
* Bug was fixed in autmatic setting TrsPropSaver.RootSection.
Version 3.44 April 22, 2005
+ Option poNotRestoreCollectionItemsCount was added to TrsPropSaver.Options.
Version 3.43 April 18, 2005
+ First release of TrsEventData component.
+ Changes in TrsXMLData for encoding TAB and CRLF symbols in data. Thank you for Peter Sprenger.
+ The methods ReadStrings, WriteStrings was released in TrsStorage object.
* The bug was fixed in TrsStreamData.InternalLoad method while using internal file.
* Methods TrsStreamData.Load and TrsStreamData.Save was moved to the protected section.
Version 3.42 January 09, 2005
* The beg was fixed in setup program for Delphi 2005.
Version 3.41 January 06, 2005
* The Delphi 2005 version was released.
Version 3.39 November 14, 2004
* The bug in TrsPropSaver dialog for Delphi3 was fixed.
* The bug was fixed while TrsKeyWrapper object.
Version 3.38 November 10, 2004
* The memory leak fixed in TrsKeyWrapper object.
* The bug was fixed while TrsEncryptor.EncryptAll set to true and no data.
Version 3.37 June 10, 2004
+ The TrsPropSaver.FormPlacementOptions was added.
* The bug was fixed with TrsPropSaver.RootSection auto changing in TDatamodule.
Version 3.36 May 19, 2004
* The bug was fixed while work with encrypted key in RootSection='';
Version 3.35 May 14, 2004
* The bug was fixed in TrsPropSaver component while work with encrypted key in RootSection='';
* The bug was fixed in KeyFirst method.
Version 3.33 May 11, 2004
* The KeyFirst, KeyNext, KeyPrior, KeyLast methods in TrsStorage object was improved for walk through keys in current section only.
* The bug was fixed with one TrsEncryptor object for the several TrsStorage objects.
* The setup program was corrected. Detection of Borland Delphi root directory was corrected.
Version 3.32 April 14, 2004
+ The TrsRegData object was extended for remote registry support. TrsRegData.RemoteComputerName property specifies remote computer name or address.
Version 3.31 March 27, 2004
* The bug was fixed TrsXMLData object while it reading hex data.
Version 3.30 December 28, 2003
+ The "Templates" dialog was restored for Delphi6,7 VCL library.
Version 3.29 December 09, 2003
+ The methods GetDecryptedKey, GetDecryptedValue, GetEncryptedKey, GetEncryptedValue, IsSameEncryptedKey was added in TrsEncryptor object.
* An unexpected problem was fixed with rsBooleanIdents constant.
* The bug was fixed in TrsXmlData object while it loading empty data file.
* The checks for dcc32.exe and make.exe was added in setup program.
Version 3.28 November 16, 2003
* The little bugs was fixed.
Version 3.27 August 18, 2003
* The full key name for "Cannot read value as type..." dialog was added.
* The little bug was fixed in TrsPropSaver.SetRootSection method.
Version 3.26 August 13, 2003
* The little bug was fixed in TrsStorage component.
* rsl70.dpk was corrected.
Version 3.25 June 10, 2003
* The TrsKeyWrapper.GetAsXXX functions was improved. You can interpret binary buffer as Currency, DateTime, Float, Int64, Integer values.
Version 3.24 Febrary 27, 2003
* The bug was fixed with HexStr detection in TrsXmlData component.
Version 3.23 Febrary 12, 2003
+ Capability for hold data files in application .exe file is added. See at InternalFileName, InternalFileLoad properties in TrsStreamData descendants.
+ The TrsStorage.Merge method is added. It allows to merge data from file to current rsStorage data.
* The bug was fixed in TrsPropSaver component (work with published properties of subcomponent of TCollectionItem).
* The help file is corrected.
Version 3.19 December 15, 2002
* Renaming coincident sections when load from .xml files.
* Some bug was fixed in TrsListViewConnector component.
* The bug fixed with published property setting for TCollectionItems.
Version 3.15 November 12, 2002
* The problem was fixed with TrsSTreamData.FileName assignment in IDE.
* The several TrsStorage components can work with a one TrsStorageData component.
Version 3.13 October 28, 2002
* Some serious bugs was fixed in TrsStorage.
Version 3.12 October 23, 2002
+ The SectionFirst, SectionNext, SectionPrior, SectionLast functions are added for TrsStorage.
* The doAutoName set to False when TrsStreamData.FileName changes in IDE.
* The TrsStreamData.FileDir set to fdCustom when TrsStreamData.FileName changes in IDE.
* The bug fixed with double quotes in TrsIniData.
Version 3.10 August 23, 2002
+ Delphi7, Kylix3 support.
* Some fixes for unicode support. The unicode section names, kye names, data support for Registry.
* Changes in trial version for unicode support.
Version 3.05 July 03, 2002
+ The TrsStorage.Lock, TrsStorage.Unlock methods are added for multithread.
+ The KeyFirst, KeyNext, KeyPrior, KeyLast functions are added for TrsStorage.
* Some minor changes for Kylix3 compatibility.
* Some changes in form position restoring.
Version 3.04 June 04, 2002
+ The TrsStorage.SectionRename method was implemented.
+ Ability use RootSection='\' as root is added.
+ The "Customize" dialog for setup is added. Allows to customize Storage library with conditional defines. Available in full version only.
* Some fixes in TrsStorage.SectionLoadFromStream method.
* The bug is fixed with alternative name for custom property in TrsPropSaver.
Version 2.99 May 21, 2002
+ The TrsSearch component is added. Allows to search data in TrsStorage.
+ The 'Connectors' demo project was corrected. Search ability was added.
* Some fixes in TrsTreeViewConnector, TrsListViewConnector.
* The help file is corrected.
Version 2.87 April 23, 2002
+ Full trial realization. Free version of Storage library work on IDE only.
+ Separate install program for Delphi and CBuilder versions. (Trial version only)
* The help file is corrected.
Version 2.83 April 05, 2002
+ The TrsAesEncryptor component is added. Allows to encrypt data with Rijndael block cipher.
+ The "Encryptors" demo project is added.
+ Install program was corrected. The checkboxes was enabled in update mode.
* The bug is fixed with "add" button in the "Select properties" dialog.
Version 2.79 March 24, 2002
+ Separate ecnryption block to TrsEncryptor component. The TrsXorEncryptor component added for backward compatibility.
* Some optimizations for Unicode.
* The bug is fixed with custom properties in "Select property" dialog.
Version 2.72 March 10, 2002
+ The first version with unicode support. Many changes on whole library for unicode support. The 'Unicode' published property is added for TrsIniData, TrsXmlData, TrsBinData components.
+ The 'Template' property for TrsIniData component is added.
* The bug is fixed with empty string saving in TrsRegData component.
Version 2.54 February 18, 2002
+ The TrsTreeViewConnector component added. It allows to show TrsStorage data in the any descendant of TCustomTreeView.
+ The TrsListViewConnector component added. It allows to show TrsStorage data in the any descendant of TCustomListView.
+ The OnKeyAdd event added for TrsStorage object.
Version 2.45 January 25, 2002
+ The ReadPointer, WritePointer methods and OnKeyDeletion event are added for TrsStorage object.
Version 2.44 January 21, 2002
+ The ReadArray, WriteArray methods are added for TrsStorage object. Thanks Hyun Ju Yong for implementation of this methods.
Version 2.43 January 9, 2002
+ Prepare for C++ Builder6 support. C++ Builder demo projects are added.
+ CompactOptions property for TrsXmlData, TrsIniData added. It allows to store ini or xml file in the compact format.
* Some bugs are fixed.
Version 2.36 December 9, 2001
+ The "StringToHashInteger" function to module rsUtils added. You can use this function for convert string password to integer value rsStorage.EncryptId.
* The bug is fixed when you use rsStorage.SectionList for empty RootSection.
Version 2.35 November 5, 2001
+ Full CLX support now. The Storage library work on Delphi6+CLX, Kylix1, Kylix2 now!
+ The "Select property" dialog for Delphi6 recreated. Preparation non modal version creation.
* Changes in the price and license policy.
Version 2.26 July 7, 2001
* The bug is fixed in Delphi6 design time dialog.
Version 2.25 June 24, 2001
+ Demo projects "EncryptAll" and "OwnPublished" are added.
+ The FormPlacement will be encrypted if TrsPropSaver.Options poEncryptFormPlacement is set to True.
* Full Delphi6 support now.
* The dialog about Storage library registration is added to partially restricted version.
Version 2.23 June 12, 2001
+ Form placement feature is partially worked now in Kylix.
+ Demo projects "FromTo" and "WorkWithDB" are added.
* The help file is corrected.
* The bug is fixed when work with the hex data block in the INI, XML files.
Version 2.20 May 6, 2001
+ Partial code correcting for Kylix support.
* The bug is fixed when work with encrypted values.
Version 2.15 April 14, 2001
+ Substitution names for the Selected properties are added.
+ The TrsPropSaver.RootSection property by default accept value "Name of the form"."Name of the TrsPropSaver".
* The collection property is saved as a quoted string now.
* Some bugs are fixed.
Version 2.10 January 28, 2001
+ FileDir property for TrsIniData,TrsBinData,TrsXMLData is added. It allows to set the directory for a storage data files. doAutoPath in Options is left for backward compatibility. This property will be removed in the following version Storage library.
+ doAutoCreateDir option is added for TrsIniData, TrsBinData, TrsXMLData components. It allows to automatically create subdirectories where data files are stored.
* Convert binary block to the string representation bug is fixed. Sometimes is fired when You store binary block to the ini,xml files.
* Some little changes.
Version 2.03 December 17, 2000
* Int64 and Variant published properties support is corrected.
* Minor changes in the 'Select property' dialog. Right mouse button click on the TreeView is corrected.
Version 2.02 November 19, 2000
The major Version 2 of Storage Library has been enhanced. Therefore, the model of sales will change. Now only the minor versions of Storage Library are free for registered users. But it concerns only the users who will register from this moment onwards; all the contracts about free versions with the previously registered users remain in force.
+ Data conversion ability is added. Now it is possible to write data of one type and read them as the data of another type. For instance: write an integer key and read it as a string key.
+ Data encrypting ability is added. Look at TrsStorage.EncryptKeys, TrsStorage.EncryptId properties and 'store encrypted' in the 'Select Property' dialog.
+ WritePersistent, ReadPersistent methods are added to the TrsStorage component.
* Int64 value support completed. Now TrsPropSaver work with Int64 published properties of the other components.
* TrsPropSaver.LoadValues, TrsPropSaver.SaveValues is slightly accelerated.
* The priority of the 'auto link references' function is changed. Now the search of Storage library components starts from the current form.
* The help file is corrected.
* The "save to ini" format for currency value is corrected.
* Some bugs are fixed.
Version 1.91 October 28, 2000
+ The TrsXmlData component for data exchange between TrsStorage and XML files is added.
- The TrsStreamData component is removed. Now all of TrsBinData, TrsIniData, TrsXmlData can work with a stream. Look at the OnLoadFromStream and OnSaveToStream events at these components. Instead of the old TrsStreamData components you can use the TrsBinData component with the OnLoadFromStream, OnSaveToStream events.
+ Installation in Delphi6 is added (available only in the full version).
* All demo projects are revised. Now they are compatible with Delphi3.
* Some bugs are fixed.
Version 1.75 October 3, 2000
* Dialog size and position at the first appearance are corrected.
* Access to key in TrsStorage is slightly accelerated.
+ Code is corrected for Delphi6 compatibility (tested in the beta version of Delphi6).
+ Work with the Int64 values is added.
+ The TrsPropSaver.Values property is added. You may use it for working with data placed in TrsPropSaver.RootSection.
* The help file is corrected.
* Some bugs are fixed.
+ Some params to the setup program are added. Type 'setup.exe /?' for more details.

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