Command Line Other Options

Additional command line parameters

Option Description
-fFileName Specify command line parameters file. Command line parameters
must be placed in different lines of that text file.
If you specify a path or file name that contains spaces after a switch, enclose
the path in quotation marks.
-? -h Shows brief help for all command line parameters
-nosplash Disable splash screen that shows during IAS Log Viewer startup.
-hidereginfo Hide information with registration info. Some sysadmins not like to show registration info for other persons.
-nointernet Paranoic mode. Disable all internet access in the IAS Log Viewer.
-checkhealth Check health of IAS Log Viewer and place information into the file checkhealth.txt near iasviewer.exe.
-settings:(clear|export:“FileName”|import:“FileName”|getpath) Working with IAS Log Viewer settings.
-cfg"FileName" Set own file with IAS Log Viewer settings.
-indexes:(clear|on|off|getpath) Working with IAS Log Viewer indexes.
-task=(digital task id) Execute IAS Log Viewer scheduled task with specified id.


  • “iasviewer.exe -f"c:\Program Files\IAS Log Viewer\params.txt”" Where params.txt file has the following text:
    -rf"UserName like ‘%ray%'"

“Usage,UsageDetails” html report generation by active log file. Reports will be generated for filtered users that have “ray” text in then name. Generated html reports will be placed in c:\temp\logs\output\ folder.