Revison history

Version 3.55 (September 09, 2022)

  • Some icons was changed.
  • New version of IP database.
  • Several bug fixes.

Version 3.54 (July 06, 2022)

  • Another “range check” bug fixed.
  • Little Speed up logs loading.
  • Several minor changes.

Version 3.53 (April 28, 2022)

  • Improvements in registration module.
  • Some bug fixes.

Version 3.52 (February 01, 2022)

  • Command line command /settings:clear was added.
  • Command line commands /indexes:[clear|start|stop|getpath] was added.
  • Some icons was added.
  • Bug fixed while using dark scheme.
  • Bug fixed in the splash.
  • Bug fixed in the “open log files” dialog while using “select date range” feature.

Version 3.51 (December 08, 2021)

  • Fixes in dark theme.
  • Some bug fixes.

Version 3.50 (December 02, 2021)

  • Light theme was set by default.
  • All dialogs was redesigned.
  • Some bug fixes.

Version 3.49 (October 31, 2021)

  • Dark and light themes was added with automatic selection.
  • All icons have been replaced.
  • Some bug fixes.

Version 3.48 (October 2, 2021)

  • Improvements in the “filter condition” dialog.
  • operators “contains, not contains, starts with, ends with” added into filters.
  • fixes in scheduler module.
  • fixes in “key exchange” module.
  • fixes while restore minimized state for main form.
  • working with milliseconds in logs.
  • fixes in active log detection.

Version 3.47 (August 12, 2021)

  • Some fixes in protection module.
  • Ability to read command line switches from iasviewer.cmdl file was added.
  • Some fixes in key exchange module.

Version 3.46 (July 26, 2021)

  • Ability to use log files witout locking was added.
  • Added command line switch for open active log file in specified directory. Use -iaf"LogFolder" for this.

Version 3.45 (June 14, 2021)

  • Several places with “Range check error” was fixed.
  • Adding command line switches -indexes:on -indexes:off
  • Fixes for twice access to .dat files
  • Improvements in indexes module.

Version 3.44 (April 18, 2021)

  • Bug fixes while using live logs with sortings in onnects view.
  • Move to one “auto select changes” flag into whole application.
  • Fixes for true portable application.
  • Fixes for x64 support.

Version 3.43 (March 16, 2021)

  • Indexes module was recreated.
  • Bug fixes while working with fast live logs.
  • Bug fixes in metrics calculation.

Version 3.42 (January 23, 2021)

  • Added “Use Indexes” check in the options dialog.
  • Fixes in showing main icon.
  • Fixes in minimized “Item details”.
  • Added command line parameters /indexes:(start|stop|clear)

Version 3.41 (December 1, 2020)

  • bug fixes in the “exchange registration info” module.
  • bug “Integer overflow” fixed while adding log directory.
  • changes in the “exchange registration info” module.
  • icon for uninstall was added.
  • bug fixes in “connect correction”.

Version 3.40 (November 10, 2020)

  • “Range check error” bug fixed.

Version 3.39 (October 29, 2020)

  • x64 version was created.
  • Several bug fixes.

Version 3.38 (August 28, 2020)

  • Some changes in registration module.
  • Columns Continent,Country,Region,Town filled by IPv6 in the “Calling Station Id” field also.
  • Fixes for utf8 in reports.

Version 3.37 (August 6, 2020)

  • Columns Continent,Country,Region,Town was added for connects. It’s values based on ip address from “Calling Station Id” field.

Version 3.36 (July 23, 2020)

  • Bug fixes in key exchange module.

Version 3.35 (July 21, 2020)

  • Increase amount for items in the “top users” report.
  • New registration module.

Version 3.34 (May 26, 2020)

  • Bug fixes in adding column for “connects view”.
  • Corrections for ias attributes from Windows Server 2019 support.
  • Bug fixes in “open logf files” dialog.
  • Improvements in detecting active log logic.

Version 3.33 (April 21, 2020)

  • Remove scripts from html reports because Edge not like its.
  • Several fixes in reports generator when working from scheduler.
  • Several fixes in work with scheduler.

Version 3.32 (March 09, 2020)

  • Feature for open previous active log was added. Use -ia-X command line switch where X - steps to previous log.
  • Some internal optimizations.

Version 3.31 (December 22, 2019)

  • Save state for Scheduler view.
  • Item details form was added for scheduled tasks.
  • Some minor changes.

Version 3.29 (November 3, 2019)

  • Fix “Enable real-time view” switching.

Version 3.28 (June 16, 2019)

  • Fix bug in add/remove column feature.
  • Fix bug with information messages in silient mode.

Version 3.27 (April 22, 2019)

  • Zip reports before email.
  • Utf8 support in emails.
  • Some bug fixes.

Version 3.26 (May 17, 2018)

  • Bug fixed when first start and default columns.
  • Bug fixed when draw first task.
  • Bug fixed when alert fired with empty alert log.
  • Bug fixed in protection module.

Version 3.25 (May 1, 2018)

  • Fixes for loading log files with more then 4Gb size.

Version 3.24 (April 4, 2018)

  • Bug fixes with data in dragged columns.
  • Bug fixes in working with indexes folder.

Version 3.23 (March 1, 2018)

  • Some bug fixes in parsing module.

Version 3.22 (November 27, 2017)

  • Remove “range checking” and “overflow checking” code from release version.
  • Add “Two days ago” option for date speedsetting in the reports.
  • Improvements in protection module.

Version 3.21 (November 8, 2017)

  • Corrections in protection module.

Version 3.20 (September 7, 2017)

  • Many improvements in connects parsing module.
  • Some fixes in “open log files” dialog.
  • Some fixes in “reports wizard” dialog.

Version 3.19 (July 26, 2017)

  • Many improvements in connects parsing module.
  • Bug fixes in real-time monitor module.
  • Bug was fixed while dblclick in “Open Log Files” dialog.

Version 3.18 (July 17, 2017)

  • Corrections in connects parsing module.
  • Bug fixes in “real time monitor”.

Version 3.17 (June 11, 2017)

  • Main icon was restored.

Version 3.16 (May 25, 2017)

  • Bug and leak fixes in protection module.

Version 3.15 (May 02, 2017)

  • Minor changes and small bug fixes.

Version 3.14 (Mar 15, 2017)

  • “Range check error” bug was fixed in the Top Users report.

Version 3.13 (Feb 13, 2017)

  • “Auto select changes” command added to right click menu.

Version 3.12 (Dec 19, 2016)

  • Minor changes and small bug fixes.

Version 3.11 (Oct 16, 2016)

  • Bug fixes when readonly folder was specified for indexes.
  • Column values correction for good comparison in filter.
  • corrections for using ampersands in registration name.
  • new certificate.

Version 3.10 (Aug 30, 2016)

  • Several small bug fixes.

Version 3.09 (Jul 04, 2016)

  • Corrections in parsing module for good Access-Challenge records support.

Version 3.08 (Apr 15, 2016)

  • Settings for “top users” report was added.
  • Bug fixes in connects parsing module.

Version 3.07 (Mar 26, 2016)

  • Bug fixes in indexes routines.

Version 3.06 (Mar 5, 2016)

  • Bug fixes while running task via Scheduler.
  • Bug fixes while parsing wifi connects.

Version 3.05 (Feb 10, 2016)

  • Several bug fixes in scheduler module.

Version 3.04 (Jan 20, 2016)

  • Hold Last Item options was set by default for connects and records view.
  • Some bug fixes.
  • Vendor Support Attributes was shown even if contain non visual chars.

Version 3.03 (Jan 07, 2016)

  • Bug fixes in the connects parsing module.

Version 3.02 (Jan 01, 2016)

  • Bug fixes in license module.

Version 3.01 (Dec 08, 2015)

  • Bug fixes in the connects parsing module.
  • “Check Alerts” action was added in the scheduler.

Version 3.00 (Nov 09, 2015)

  • Corrections in connects parsing module.
  • Bug fixes in “options” dialog.
  • Signed by Code Signing Certificate.

Version 2.99 (Oct 17, 2015)

  • Report “Top users” was added.
  • Fixes in scheduler.

Version 2.98 (Sep 13, 2015)

  • Metrics report was added.
  • Connects parsing with packet type = Access-Challenge was emproved.

Version 2.97 (May 9, 2015)

  • Bug fixes in reports generation from scheduled tasks.
  • Bug fixes when working with logs with equal names in different folders.
  • Pre-Action or Post-Action was added for reports.

Version 2.96 (Mar 24, 2015)

  • “Autofit colums width” command was added.
  • Corrections for multi session support.
  • Bug fixes in connects correction module.

Version 2.95 (Mar 5, 2015)

  • Reports was recreated for less memory using. This avoid from “out of memory” errors.
  • Some internal structures was moved from memory to file system.

Version 2.94 (Nov 21, 2014)

  • filter for connects exporting was added.
  • corrections in connects parsing module.
  • bug fixes in real-time monitor.

Version 2.93 (Oct 11, 2014)

  • Several bug fixes.

Version 2.92 (Sep 30, 2014)

  • Bug fixes while cancel logs loading.

Version 2.91 (Sep 20, 2014)

  • Bug fixes while open several directories with logs.

Version 2.90 (Sep 02, 2014)

  • Indexes structure version was grow.
  • Default logs folder was added for working without admin rights.

Version 2.89 (Aug 24, 2014)

  • The “Open folder” dialog works without admin rights now.
  • Bugs fixes in indexes working.

Version 2.88 (Jul 16, 2014)

  • Settings for indexes was added.
  • Several bug fixed.
  • Bug fixes in LogPreview.DataSize function.

Version 2.87 (Jun 15, 2014)

  • indexes was added.
  • corrections in connects parsing module.
  • more debug info was added.
  • fixed “integer overflow” bug while loading big files.

Version 2.86 (Mar 29, 2014)

  • Several bug fixes.

Version 2.85 (Feb 11, 2014)

  • Fixed “out of memory” error while loading serveral big log files.
  • Fixes for loading hex records.

Version 2.84 (Jan 14, 2014)

  • Corrections for unicode support in the registration name.

Version 2.82 (Nov 17, 2013)

  • Some minor bug fixes.

Version 2.80 (April 20, 2013)

  • Dialogs placement was corrected while out of screen.
  • Some fixes in protection module.

Version 2.79 (March 12, 2013)

  • “Make unique report file names” options was added.
  • “Last days” date speedsetting was added for reports.

Version 2.78 (October 25, 2012)

  • Fixes in PEAP-Embedded-EAP-TypeId, PEAP-Fast-Roamed-Session attributes definition.
  • New column “IASSessionId” was added.
  • Fixes in showing Vendor Specific columns in the connects view.
  • Bug in filter (IPAddress=‘’) was fixed.
  • Bugs while working in Win2008 was fixed.
  • Bug with big amount of cisco columns was fixed.

Version 2.76 (August 16, 2012)

  • public debug version was created.

Version 2.75 (January 27, 2012)

  • Wifi mode for grouping records was added.
  • Delay was removed while open not existen network path.
  • More robust detection of good records.

Version 2.74 (November 30, 2011)

  • Bug fixes in sending email module.

Version 2.73 (November 1, 2011)

  • Bug was fixed with UTF8 decoding in IAS attributes. Fixes in eventmsg.dll for disable virus warning.

Version 2.72 (September 15, 2011)

  • Bug was fixed with UTF8 decoding in IAS attributes.

Version 2.71 (September 09, 2011)

  • Support for Vendor Specific Attributes.
  • New attribute value for “Tunnel Type” attribute.
  • UTC Offset setting for timestamp attributes was added.

Version 2.70 (January 30, 2011)

  • Scheduled tasks was added.

Version 2.69 (December 19, 2010)

  • Support DTS log format.
  • Suport tacas log format.
  • Problem with sorting in “concurrents” report was fixed.
  • Problem with “Subscription due” check in the “registration” dialog was fixed.
  • More values for “Connect Request” field was added.
  • Problem with live logs working was fixed.
  • problem with active log file detecting was fixed.
  • Problem was fixed with IPv6 fields showing.

Version 2.68 (August 23, 2010)

  • Memory leaks was fixed in the “concurrents” report.
  • Bug fixes in the connects report.
  • Grow list size for “calculate from list” user column.
  • Some bug fixes.

Version 2.67 (April 12, 2010)

  • Showing Progress in Win7 Taskbar.
  • List of report’s configurations was added into main menu.
  • Some bug fixes.
  • Some improvements in the protection.

Version 2.66 (January 07, 2010)

  • Report “NAS Ports Usage” was added.
  • Some bug fixes in the registration module.

Version 2.65 (September 02, 2009)

  • changes in protection for Windows 2008 server support.
  • Changes in the “open log files” dialog. Allows to work with unsorted logs.
  • The bug “Range check error” was fixed in the “activity graphs” report.
  • The bug was fixed while generating file names for “Calling Station ID Details” report.

Version 2.64 (July 13, 2009)

  • Some improvements in protection.
  • Some bug fixes.

Version 2.63 (June 10, 2009)

  • Bug fixes for closing “Range check error” problem.

Version 2.62 (June 07, 2009)

  • bug fixes in connects parsing module.
  • bug fixes in “reports wizard”. Speed setting combo box.
  • bug fixes in protection.

Version 2.61 (May 16, 2009)

  • Data type was added in custom columns.
  • Some bug fixes

Version 2.60 ( April 24, 2009)

  • added Nas-Identifier field.
  • added “clear output folder” flag for reports.

Version 2.59 (Febrary 15, 2009)

  • Support for subscription renewal web page.
  • Some changes in alert firing module for StopProcessing flag using.
  • Correction -i command line swith processing for wildchars support.
  • Fixes in filter builder dialog.

Version 2.58 (January 22, 2009)

  • Fixes for support lifetime version in registration info file.
  • Fixes in “test alert” command.
  • Fixes in the empty Filter bulder dialog.

Version 2.57 (January 20, 2009)

  • An advanced mode of filter was added. Allows to write filter expression in free style.
  • A “caclulated mode” for user column was added. Allow to write expression that calculate value for user column.
  • Some bug fixes.

Version 2.56 (December 10, 2008)

  • The email module was corrected. Ability to send email for several recipients was added.
  • A Calling station ID reports was added.
  • Some bug fixes.

Version 2.55 (October 30, 2008)

  • Some bug fixes.
  • Bug with live logs and active filter in Windows 2008 was fixed.
  • Auto refresh was removed from html reports.

Version 2.53 (July 24, 2008)

  • Some bug fixes.
  • Lifetime subscription was added.

Version 2.52 (June 19, 2008)

  • Problem with live logs in Windows 2008 was closed.
  • Problem with parsing Cisco-AV-Pair data and “Integer Overflow” error was closed.

Version 2.51 (May 14, 2008)

  • More informative errors for bad dates in command line switches.
  • Command line switch “-batch” was added. Allows to redirect all error messages in to iasviewer.log
  • Exit code for command line mode was added.
  • Some small changes in report templates.

Version 2.50 (March 27, 2008)

  • Registration scheme was cardinally modified.
  • Smart log files loading while working in command line mode.
  • Some bug fixed in command line switches parsing module.
  • Some changes for stable working in Microsoft Server 2008.

Version 2.49 (Febrary 11, 2008)

  • “activity graphs”,“nas usage”,“nas usage details” reports was added.
  • Some bug fixes while “cisco av pair” data that was present in log file.
  • Some small bug fixes.

Version 2.48 (January 11, 2008)

  • Some changes in the report “Activity by date”. An ability to generate geport in .csv and .xml formats was added.

Version 2.47 (December 20, 2007)

  • Some changes is the “User defined columns”. Now list of values for “calculate from list” user defined columns can be saved to file and loaded from file.
  • Command “Add active log file from directory” was added into “Open log files” dialog. You may use it by mouse right click or Ctrl+F7. This command allows to open active log file only from specified directory.

Version 2.46 (November 29, 2007)

  • Some changes for Windows 2008 server support.
  • Some small bug fixes

Version 2.45 (October 28, 2007)

  • The “Time offset” feature was added. Now all dates and times in the log file can be corrected by specifing time offset. Use “Time offset” command in the “Open log files” dialog.
  • Small bug was fixed while open very big log files.

Version 2.44 (August 1, 2007)

  • Another bug that generate “Range check error” message was fixed.

Version 2.43 (July 31, 2007)

  • Day and time restrictions feature for alerts was added.
  • No case sensitive while detect “one connection per user only”.
  • Some small improvements.
  • Some bug fixes.

Version 2.42 (July 1, 2007)

  • Bug that generate “Range check error” message was fixed.

Version 2.41 (June 21, 2007)

  • “Custom group” was added in to real-time monitor.
  • Format menu was added for some items in real-time monitor.
  • Some bug fixes.

Version 2.40 (June 3, 2007)

  • My connect columns was added. Any user my configure your own columns now.
  • Many bug fixes.

Version 2.39 (April 25, 2007)

  • Real-time monitor was added.
  • MS RAS ClientName column was added.
  • Many bug fixes.

Version 2.38 (April 06, 2007)

  • SQUserName column was added.
  • Alerts module for OnlineCount function was improved.
  • Many bug fixes.

Version 2.37 (March 23, 2007)

  • Many bug fixes.
  • Alerts module was improved.

Version 2.36 (March 06, 2007)

  • Some memory leaks was fixed.
  • Improvements and bug fixes in alerts.

Version 2.34 (Febrary 07, 2007)

  • Some improvements in connects parsing module.

Version 2.33 (Febrary 02, 2007)

  • The “Connect properties” dialog was automatically updated while show data for online connect.
  • Bug was fixed while set file extension for “save as” dialog.
  • Bug was fixed while generating reports from command line mode.

Version 2.30 (January 06, 2007)

  • Bug was fixed while generating reports from command line mode.

Version 2.29 (January 02, 2007)

  • Alerts was added. Alerts allows to generate message write specified event was occur.
  • Connects corrections was added. This feature allows to finish frozen online connects in manual mode.
  • Bug with international chars was fixed while IAS Log Viewer work in Windows Vista.

Version 2.28 (September 13, 2006)

  • Loading Cisco ACS Log files was added.
  • Drag and drop log files from Windows Explorer was added.
  • Bug fixes while open several log directories from command line.
  • Some small bug fixes.

Version 2.27 (August 14, 2006)

  • The bug was fixed with datetime filter in the reports.
  • The bug was fixed while detecting links between log files.
  • The bugs was fixed while live log files and sorting.

Version 2.26 (August 02, 2006)

  • The “Last Hours” speedsetting was added for reporting.
  • The calculation of online connects duration was added.
  • The bug was fixed in records highlighting.
  • Some bug fixes in connects parsing module.

Version 2.25 (June 07, 2006)

  • Some fixes in external applications calling module.
  • Colors customizing module for views was changed.

Version 2.24 (May 16, 2006)

  • The version of IAS Log Viewer was writen in all reports.
  • The “current year” speedsetting was added into the report wizard.

Version 2.23 (April 24, 2006)

  • External commands was added.
  • An “Activity by date” report was added.
  • Some bug fixes in connects parsing routine.
  • Bug fixes while log record contain many fields.

Version 2.21 (January 29, 2006)

  • Bug was fixed while “Invalid argument to time encode” error message occur.

Version 2.20 (January 21, 2006)

  • Session-Time field was growed to int64 value.
  • Bug was fixed with some log parsion and enabled option “one connection per user”.
  • Logic of red date range in reports wizard was changed.
  • Bug was fixed while detecting active log file and active log directory.

Version 2.19 (December 30, 2005)

  • Bug fixes with complex filter value.

Version 2.18 (December 20, 2005)

  • Bug fixes while exporting in command line mode.

Version 2.17 (December 05, 2005)

  • Bug fixes while cancel sorting after filter cancelling.

Version 2.16 (December 05, 2005)

  • Bug fixes in connects parsing routine.
  • Format of dates in configuration file was changed.
  • RSS Feed was added.

Version 2.15 (November 29, 2005)

  • Some options for connects parsing was added.
  • Bug fixes in filter dialog.
  • Bug fixes in reports configurations.

Version 2.14 (November 05, 2005)

  • Export to DBF IV files was added.

Version 2.13 (October 05, 2005)

  • Speedup in log file loading module.
  • Speedup in reports generating module.
  • “Total Lines: " field was added for all reports.
  • Some bug fixes in reports, filters.

Version 2.12 (August 05, 2005)

  • Connect columns NAS-Port-Type, Filter-Id, Tunnel-Type, Tunnel-Medium-Type, Tunnel-Pvt-Group-ID was added.
  • Check boxes was added in open dialog.
  • Bug was fixed with repaint while startup and sorting.
  • Bug was fixed while open log file with bad data blocks.

Version 2.11 (July 24, 2005)

  • Many corrections for huge log files support. Tests was done with 2.4Gb log file.
  • Values list for some fields in filter builder dialog was added.
  • “Last Connect DateTime” column was added for Usage report.
  • “Reset” button for colors customizing dialog was added.
  • The help file was created.
  • Bugs fixes in connects filter builder dialog.
  • The bug was fixed with connects join during real time log updating.
  • The bug was fixed while jump from record to connect with active filter.
  • Some bug fixed in connects filter.

Version 2.10 (June 03, 2005)

  • Drag and Drop was released in “Customze columns” dialog.
  • Some modification in “Customize sorting” dialog.
  • Bugs fixes in connects filter while using “duration” column.

Version 2.09 (May 14, 2005)

  • The bug was fixed with small log files opening.

Version 2.08 (May 10, 2005)

  • The configurations for reports was created. It allows to change all report’s settings with few clicks.
  • Interval for open files was created. It allows to specify date interval while open big amount of files/directories.
  • First external report was created. Now we may create any additional report without main program modification.
  • Some changes in html reports.
  • The filter and sorting was alive after program restarting.
  • Some modifications in “Customize columns” dialog.
  • Bug fixes in command line parameters parsing module.

Version 2.07 (Apr 19, 2005)

  • The connects with first “Interim-update” record was parsed.
  • The bug was fixed with customizing columns and no cache clearing.
  • The bug was fixed with parsing “not like” operator in filters.
  • “Goto line number” menu item was restored.
  • The bug was fixed with not saving report columns.
  • Some modifications in “Customize columns” dialog.

Version 2.06 (Apr 11, 2005)

  • The reports was recreated. Its free from MS XML/XSLT service now. The some reports speed was grow more then 100%
  • The new column “class” was added for connects.

Version 2.05 (Mar 25, 2005)

  • The bug was fixed with some columns in filters and with Cisco columns in filters.

Version 2.04 (Mar 10, 2005)

  • The more descriptions for Reason-Code field was added.
  • The bug was fixed with many connect fields.

Version 2.03 (Mar 05, 2005)

  • The sample.log was added in installation package.
  • The usability of “open dialog” was improved.
  • The connect speed field was decoded from format “Connect115000” too.
  • The -f"filename” command line parameter start working with file in current directory.
  • The bug was fixed with command line option -rp
  • The bug was fixed with “not like” operand in filter builder dialog.

Version 2.02 (Mar 01, 2005)

  • The bug was fixed in connection determination module.
  • The bug was fixed with big values in OutputOctets, OutputPackets, InputOctets, InputPackets fields.

Version 2.01 (Feb 21, 2005)

  • The bug was fixed while ‘#’ char present in connect’s column name.
  • The bug was fixed with report’s filter definition through command line.
  • Preparing for help file.

Version 2.00 (Feb 16, 2005)

  • The filters was added for connects view.
  • The “filter builder” dialog was created.
  • The setting for xsl path in xml reports was added.
  • The option for concurrents interval definition from command line was added. -rrci["][days ]TimeFormat["]

Version 1.99 (Jan 18, 2005)

  • The “FQ UserName” column was added for usage report.

Version 1.98 (Dec 22, 2004)

  • Some bug fixes in multi-columns sorting.
  • Bug fixes with “Range checking” exception.
  • Bug fixes in comman-line analizing module.

Version 1.97 (Dec 17, 2004)

  • The first release of multi-columns sorting.
  • Destination directory for export command was saved between IAS Log Viewer sessions.
  • The MRU list for filters in report wizard was created.
  • The bug was fixed with active log file replacement in open dialog.

Version 1.96 (Dec 15, 2004)

  • The bug was fixed while error “Could not allocate notification object. The network BIOS command limit has been reached.”
  • The “Add” action was added to Open dialog.

Version 1.95 (Dec 10, 2004)

  • The date and time formats for views,export and reports can be defined in settings dialog.
  • Some bug fixes in report filters,html files opening.

Version 1.94 (Dec 09, 2004)

  • The “Modify” and “Edit” actions was added to Open dialog.
  • Bug fixes in report generating columns definition from command line.

Version 1.93 (Dec 08, 2004)

  • A Concurrent Connects report was created. It shows count of connects, minimal concurrents and maximal concurrents for specified interval.
  • The multiselect was open for records tab and connects tab.
  • The copy to clipboard function was created. Selected records or connects may be copied to clipboard.
  • Some bug fixes in open dialog, live logs using.

Version 1.92 (Dec 02, 2004)

  • The percents was added to IAS Log Viewer title while long operations occur.
  • The connect properties dialog was created.
  • Bug fixes with live logs and long operations i.e. reporting,sorting.

Version 1.91 (Nov 28, 2004)

  • The bug was fixed in first exit.

Version 1.90 (Nov 25, 2004)

  • The Cisco-AV-Pair fields was added for record,connects and reports.
  • The live sorting was restored.

Version 1.89 (Nov 10, 2004)

  • The columns sorting feature was added in “Record parameters” dialog.
  • Bug fixes in ServerIP, ServerName connect items data type.
  • The multiselect was close off for connects view.
  • The bug fixes in open log files with mixed records.

Version 1.88 (Nov 09, 2004)

  • The “open dialog” redesigned again.
  • Bug fixes in open multiply directories routines.

Version 1.87 (Nov 04, 2004)

  • Bug fixes in setup module.
  • Open multiply directories rountines improved.

Version 1.86 (Nov 02, 2004)

  • The multiply open directories was added. Therefore open dialog was redesigned.
  • Some bug fixes. Export connect fields with IP address bug fixed. Quotes in open directory command line directive bug fixed.

Version 1.83 (Oct 05, 2004)

  • The connects columns sorting was released.

Version 1.79 (July 15, 2004)

  • The bug was fixed with definition report fields from command line.

Version 1.78 (July 13, 2004)

  • Command line support for customized report columns. -rr(u[:“Fields”];ud[:“Fields”];p[:“Fields”];pd[:“Fields”];rj[:“Fields”])
  • Command line support for all columns report generating and all columns exporting. -ef"Field[,Field]"|v|all

Version 1.77 (July 08, 2004)

  • Reports columns customizing was added.
  • The “Receive Speed”,“Transmit Speed”, “Transmit/Receive Speed” connect columns was added.
  • The data range controls was added to open dialog. We may specify date range for open directory or files.

Version 1.75 (May 19, 2004)

  • Big changes in connects module. Prepare for customized connects attributes.
  • The search dialog was added.
  • The columns dragging was added in reports view and connects view.
  • The bug fixed in reports filter routine.

Version 1.74 (March 16, 2004)

  • The bug was fixed in connects detection while SessionID attribute was empty.

Version 1.73 (March 10, 2004)

  • The additional filter for report generating was added.
  • IAS attributes was corrected for Windows 2003 support.
  • The time parameters was added for report generating.
  • Some users not find dialog for enter registration code. The link to this dialog was added in about form.

Version 1.68 (Febrary 17, 2004)

  • Trying to find bug in trace log changes module.

Version 1.67 (January 30, 2004)

  • The bug was fixed in report generating module when user names contain bad chars.
  • The bug was fixed with status bar updating.

Version 1.66 (January 24, 2004)

  • The bug was fixed with assign report dates while generate reports from command line.

Version 1.65 (January 17, 2004)

  • The fields “NP Policy Name”,“Client Friendly Name”,“Client IP Address” was added to connects.
  • The “Rejects” report was added.
  • The bug was fixed in records loading for db-formatted log file.
  • The bug was fixed in open Internet Explorer for reports showing.

Version 1.64 (January 6, 2004)

  • The time format fixed to “H:mm:ss”.
  • The columns sorting in html reports was added.

Version 1.63 (January 2, 2004)

  • The “-ep” command line switch was added for export period specify.
  • The bug was fixed in reports dates selection.

Version 1.62 (December 27, 2003)

  • The “userslinks.txt” file was added for user details reports.
  • The “-iad” command line switch was added for load directory with current log files.
  • The “-efv” command line switch was added for use export column names from visual mode.
  • The bug was fixed in export column names definition.

Version 1.61 (December 21, 2003)

  • The “Goto Line Number” dialog was added.
  • The bug was fixed in records export.
  • The bug was fixed in connects detection while opens several log files.

Version 1.60 (December 10, 2003)

  • The command line options for export task was improved.
  • The bug was fixed in export module.

Version 1.59 (November 19, 2003)

  • The command line options support was added.

Version 1.58 (November 18, 2003)

  • The bug was fixed in connects detection module for empty “Framed-IP-Address” attribute.
  • The internal routines for command line options support was added.

Version 1.57 (November 9, 2003)

  • The bug was fixed in connects detection for db-formatted log files.
  • The bug was fixed in export to xml module.

Version 1.56 (November 6, 2003)

  • New report templates was created.
  • Little speedup in log file loading module.
  • Some fixes in report filenames generating module.
  • Some fixes in status bar updating.

Version 1.54 (October 22, 2003)

  • The problem was fixed with non english user names in the report generating module.
  • The problem was fixed with report generating when FromDate=ToDate

Version 1.52 (October 12, 2003)

  • Detection and decoding UTF8 values of attribute was added.
  • The Called-Station-Id, Calling-Station-Id attributes was added for connects.
  • The “attribute details” dialog was added.

Version 1.51 (October 09, 2003)

  • The bug was fixed in “user usage” report file names generating routine.
  • Some fixes in “reports” dialog.

Version 1.49 (September 30, 2003)

  • The open dialog was created.
  • The commands for walk through records in the same connect was added.
  • The reports dialog was changed.
  • The options dialog was changed.
  • The routine for auto convert hexadecimal strings in log file added.

Version 1.40 (September 11, 2003)

  • The bug was fixed in connect determination module.

Version 1.36 (August 26, 2003)

  • The detector for new log file was added.
  • The bug was fixed with “maximize” main form state.

Version 1.35 (August 18, 2003)

  • The load directory with log files ability was added.
  • The load several log files ability was added.
  • The “loading” progress dialog was added.
  • Some fixes in real-time connection view. The connection view shows “Interim” records in real-time.
  • Little speedup in log file loading module.

Version 1.32 (July 29, 2003)

  • Some fixes in report generating module.
  • Some fixes in real-time connection view.

Version 1.31 (July 20, 2003)

  • Showing the unknown attributes.
  • Little speedup in report generating module.

Version 1.29 (July 16, 2003)

  • Support any Microsoft XML version while report generating. Some speedup in report generating module when Microsoft XML v2.6, v3.0, v4.0 installed.
  • “Select output directory” dialog was added for reports.

Version 1.27 (July 09, 2003)

  • The several report formats was added. Reports can be generated in html, xml or csv format.
  • The “Case sensitive in login name” parameter for reports was added.
  • Some fixes in reports for Microsoft XML2 support.
  • Small fixes in status line for connections view.

Version 1.25 (July 02, 2003)

  • Reports “usage” and “user usage” was created.

Version 1.23 (June 30, 2003)

  • Export module was created. The records or connects view can be exported to .xml or .csv file.
  • Some fixes for Windows XP support.
  • The fixes in connect determination module.

Version 1.19 (June 16, 2003)

  • Colors for records view and connects view was added.
  • The little corrections for NT 4.0 IAS log support.
  • The little corrections for live connects in multi-port RRAS.
  • The fixes in connect duration showing.

Version 1.16 (June 8, 2003)

  • The live connect’s view was created. The connects can be viewed in real time now.
  • The list of ias attributes was enlarged. The IAS Log Viewer know about all standard IAS attributes now.
  • Ability for custom attributes creating is added. User can create you own attributes in a_user.xml file.
  • The “show/hide empty attributes” button was added.
  • Ability of detect bag lines in log file was improved.
  • The log file loading was speed up more then twice.

Version 1.04 (April 28, 2003)

  • The connections view was created.

Version 1.02 (November 20, 2002)

  • Detect current log file at startup now.
  • Buttons was added for move through records in “record parameters” dialog.

Version 1.01 (November 17, 2002)

  • Now and the database-compatible log format support.

Version 1.00 (October 18, 2002)

First release. No help files, some blocks not optimized, some ideas not released or partly released - all of this will be corrected in next versions. But this version already works. I am using it.