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The nrWinCalc is a unique component designed for manipulations with standard Windows calculator (calc.exe). You can include easy the powerful and international Microsoft calculator in your application.
Look at some powerful features of this component:

  • property Visible;//to open and to close calculator;
  • property Mode; //select Standard\Science mode
  • property Radix; //select Bin/Oct/Dec/Hex radix
  • property Value; //select get/set value
  • property OnClose:TNotifyEvent; //response to close calculator event
  • property OnEnterPressed:TNotifyEvent; //... super event
  • full context help file;
  • ... and some more.

Use demo project to view the component capabilities.


Shareware version (with "nag"-screen). File size <80K
Supports Delphi 3-7,2007, C++Builder 3-6,2007. If you use the unregistered version of nrWinCalc, you see "naq-screen" dialog box every two-three times, when property Visible is set to True.

System Requirements

The nrWinCalc was tested for Microsoft Windows95 OSR2, Windows98SE,WindowsNT 4.0 SP4Windows 2000 and Windows XP


Benefits for registered users:

  • The full support is guaranted for REGISTERED users only.
  • All next versions of nrWinCalc will be FREE for registered users.
  • You will have a full version without "nag-screen" dialog box.
  • You will receive a full source code of nrWinCalc component.

The online registration is available here: Register and get the full version of nrWinCalc now!

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