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NPS Log Monitor - Registration

The NPS Log Monitor is a shareware product. If you find it useful and want to receive registration code, please register your copy of NPS Log Monitor now. We use leading online software reselling company such as ShareIt to process your orders. ShareIt today the most trusted registration service and it used by the largest and most respected software companies.

NPS Log Monitor work based on subscription model. The subscription gives you free product upgrades during subscription period beginning with the date of purchase.

License Price per unit Purchase link
 NPS Log Monitor with 1 year subscription € 99 Order Now
 NPS Log Monitor with 2 year subscription € 139 Order Now
 NPS Log Monitor with 3 year subscription € 179 Order Now
 NPS Log Monitor with lifetime subscription € 299 Order Now

Information about your existing subscription is available in the Help -> Registration dialog within the application. If this information is not up to date, then you may need to enter you license key again in the Help -> Registration dialog to refresh it.

You can continue to use program after the subscription period expires but any next application update start to working in the trial mode. In that situation you have two options:

  • renew your subscription
  • download and install the latest version released while your subscription was still valid (contact us to find the location of the old version)

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