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DeepSoftware.Com - Main hosting
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Main Sites
Borland Home - home of all Borland/Inprise products.
Interbase Home - home of the greatest Interbase SQL server.

Collections of components
Torry's Delphi Pages
Delphi Pages
Delphi Super Page

Programming on Delphi
Borland community Home Page - articles from Borland. - lot of articles,FAQ's and other resources.
Unofficial Newsletter of Delphi Users - new tips, articles.
Unofficial Delphi Developers FAQ - great collection of FAQs.
High Performance Delphi - articles about optimal Delphi programming. - lot of articles.

PGP The International PGP Home Page Freeware PGP versions PGP Frequently Asked Questions

Deep programming
Sysinternals - Mark Russinovich and his system programming.

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