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Modifying IAS Log Viewer Common Options

Common IAS Log Viewer parameters list:

  • Export to CSV delimiter char is data separator symbol in csv format. You can receive data in csv format from IAS Log Viewer in the next ways:
    • csv reports generation.
    • records or connectors copy into clipboard.
    • export records or connects.
  • Export to CSV include field names flag indicate that column names must be placed in first csv data string.
  • Date format in IAS Log Viewer visual controls.
  • Time format in IAS Log Viewer visual controls.
  • Disable real-time view flag allows or denies opened log files monitoring. By default IAS Log Viewer trace all changes in opened log files. This mode allows reacting on new records that was adding in log and automatically in real-time show it in IAS Log Viewer. You can on/off this mode using that flag.
  • XSL path for xml reports. Generating xml report you can automatically set link to xsl stylesheet in result xml file. This link is <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="PathToXSL"?> where instead of PathToXSL must be global parameter "XSL path for xml reports".

Block of options named Connect parsing options specify how to IAS Log Viewer group records to connects. No easy way for group log records to the connects because structure of log file very flexible. Sometime IAS Log Viewer cannot rightly determine connect. By setting that options you may help IAS Log Viewer rightly detect start/stop of connects.

  • One connection per user only flag indicate that two or more simultaneous connects with one user-name not allows in you system.
  • One connection in Framed IP only flag shows that no two or more simultaneous connects with one Framed IP address
  • Records sequence can be mixed flag shows that right records sequence (Access-Request,Access-Accept,Accounting-Request) may be broken in log file.
  • Calculate duration of online connects flag shows that IAS Log Viewer must automatically update duration/stop-datetime/session-time fields for online connects.

Auto load fixes for log files flag shows that IAS Log Viewer must automatically load fixes while log file will opened. You may read more about fixes here

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